Cooking with lavender, Lavender Jam, Lavender Scones

Cooking with Culinary Lavender


Lavender recipes are becoming increasingly popular (again!)

Lavender has been used as a culinary herb since Roman and Greek times. It lends a delicate flavour to such dishes as casseroles, scones and ice cream. Its flavour is similar to ginger, with lemony overtones. Lavender can be used in many recipes as a substitute herb for rosemary, for instance roast lamb with lavender.

The vibrant-colour, fresh flower heads can be used to decorate salads and cakes. Lavender leaves can be chopped and added to dishes and the flowers can be crumbled and used in baking. In winter, it’s often a good idea to add a little high grade culinary lavender oil to boost the flavour. A simple recipe, and good way to use lavender flowers in baking, is to add them to caster sugar and store in a glass jar until needed, in the same way as you would use a vanilla pod to produce vanilla sugar.


Culinary Delights


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