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Lavender Oil


If you lead a busy life and need help relaxing, lavender oil could provide the answer.

Loved not only for its delicate fragrance and beautiful hues, lavender also boasts an array of benefits thanks to its highly popular oil.

Here at Lavender Fields we proudly continue a tradition which began over 2,500 years ago, when the use of lavender was first recorded. Today, essential lavender oil is used in all kinds of ways - as a vapour to a body massage oil - and it's a wonderfully simple way of boosting your sense of well-being.

Benefits and boosts

With jam-packed diaries, never-ending lists and round-the-clock demands, it's no wonder some of us have difficulty relaxing, unwinding and sleeping as the day draws to a close. 

But the simple addition of essential lavender oil to your life may help you find the calm you've been craving. 

The therapeutic qualities of lavender oil come from the 19th century when the first clinical tests in 1887 proved the antibacterial properties of lavender oil. This powerful plant remedy is widely accepted to promote health and well-being, with lavender oil offering a solution for countless conditions including insomnia, congestion, skin problems and stress.

Lavender oil can be used in the bath, as a massage oil, in reflexology and as a vapour. And to make it easy for you to tap into the benefits of lavender oil, we offer a range of essential oils in a variety of sizes and strengths - all of which originate from our farm in the heart of Hampshire.

From the field... to feeling good

We grow seven varieties of lavender, three of which are used to create lavender oil. At just the right time, usually in July or August, we harvest the lavender to begin the process of distilling the oil. The three varieties we grow and use to create our lavender oil are:

Folgate - this has a mild aroma which produces a top quality English lavender oil.


Grosso - this hybrid variety is grown for its distinctive aromatic lavandin oil. But with its long elegant stems and light blue-grey fragrant flower heads, it's also perfect when cut and dried for lavender bunches.


Phenomenal - another variety with long elegant stems, which dry beautifully for bunches. Similar to Grosso in a lot of ways; also grown to produce our lavandin oil.

Once the lavender is safely stowed away, the distilling process begins, using steam. No chemicals are used during distillation; this is to ensure the oil is absolutely pure.

The characteristics of the lavender oil can change over time,

so it's left to mature for several years.

Our high quality lavender oil is then bottled here at Lavender Fields,

ready to help alleviate some of the stresses and strains of modern life,

and to leave you feeling nourished, nurtured and ready to face the world. 

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