What we grow at Lavender Fields


We grow four main varieties of English lavender in our fields:

  • Folgate (lavandula x angustifolia) with a mild aroma which produces a top quality essential lavender oil;
  • Maillette(lavandula x angustifolia) originally from France with a strong perfume, also produces high quality essential lavender oil;
  • Imperial Gem (lavandula x angustifolia) which is exclusively used for dried seed production and bunching because of its vibrant colour.
  • And finally Grosso (lavandula x intermedia) which, when distilled produces the distinctive aromatic lavandin oil.

From Late April/May to the end of September, we also sell a variety of lavender plants at our Lavender shop. We can also source lavender plants for you.

Our lavender is in bloom from approximately the middle of June until mid August why not come along and experience one of our open days? Alternatively you can contact us if you are interested in booking a guided tour in late June towards the end of July.