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Introduction to Hartley Park Farm – Home of Lavender Fields

Welcome to Lavender Fields, at Hartley Park Farm, in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. Fourth generation farmers, we value our local landscape and having introduced English lavender to the farm more than nineteen years ago, our field is now a local landmark. Set against the ancient trees of the Selborne Hanger our vibrant field of English lavender perfectly compliment the dense, dark woodland.

We grow four varieties of English lavender in our field:

  • Folgate (lavandula x angustifolia) with a mild aroma which produces a top quality essential lavender oil;
  • Maillette (lavandula x angustifolia) originally from France with a strong perfume, also produces high quality essential lavender oil;
  • Imperial Gem (lavandula x angustifolia) which is exclusively used for dried seed production and bunching because of its vibrant colour.
  • And finally Grosso (lavandula x intermedia) which, when distilled produces the distinctive aromatic lavandin oil.

Based on our own high quality essential lavender and rosemary oils, we have developed a range of light, delicately perfumed hand, body and home fragrance products.

Our aim is to capture and bring to you the essence of our lavender field!

All of our products are made in England.

We sell a wide range of Lavender products on our website so please take a look around our online shop to view everything from our indulgent Lavender hand cream to refreshing Lavender tea.

Alternatively, why not take a trip out into the beautiful Hampshire countryside and visit us at our Lavender Shop on the farm? In that way you could try all of our delicately fragranced products for yourself!

Our address is:  Hartley Park Farm, Selborne Road, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3HP

For directions please visit our contact us page.

We look forward to seeing you!

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